Charlie Wood & Friends

by Charlie Wood

Released 2016
Fremark Records
Released 2016
Fremark Records
Charlie Wood is Blues/R&B to the core!
I’ve made friends in all of my travels who I respect so much, and each one is so special to me....not just as a musician, or a writer, or a singer, but as a person. And music is the bridge that brought us all here to this place, Charlie Wood and Friends.

Vocals: Charlie Wood & Wayne Freeman
BGV: Becky Freeman, Wayne Freeman, Charlie Wood
Keys: Chris Nole, Wayne Freeman, Stephen Foster, Chuck Tomlinson
Drums: Richard Carter, Will Beatty
Bass: Charlie Wood
Guitar: Tim Takewell, Jacob Wood, Jim Woodfield, Steve Roy, Mike McKenzie
Slide: Charlie Wood
Harmonica: Dave McGown

Writers: Charlie Wood, Fran Wood, Wayne Freeman, Chris Nole, Joe Stampley, Jack Pearson

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